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  A real gem of the Macedonian land on the outskirts of Paggeio, a magical city in every aspect, with the emblem of the Castle of Kavala, a Byzantine monument. Just 153 km from Thessaloniki, next to Serres, Drama - and for the most daring 4 hours from Constantinople - is a top choice. It combines the relaxation that generously offers the tour not only of the city but also of the surrounding area, along with the cognitive experience that the visitor derives from the many interesting monuments, the fantastic beaches and the unique natural environment. Car hire for this purpose is essential.

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  Start the tour of the beautiful city of Kavala, starting from the Old Town (Panagia), amphitheatrically built on the Panagia peninsula with the sea around. All uphill and stone cobblestones. The colorful mansions with shiachnisia, narrow alleys and courtyards with flowers just below the castle of the city, compensate the traveler who walks up to see the magnificent view from above and visit its monuments such as Imaret, a masterpiece of late Ottoman architecture and a rare example of it in Europe, a gift of Muhammad Ali in his hometown, which served as a teaching facility and a poor house. Today it operates as a luxury hotel with organized guided tours.

At the extreme end of the peninsula dominates the emblematic Lighthouse. There, the rocks and the sea become one, giving the visitor the opportunity to sit on the water rocks sanded by the power of water and to get lost in the blue of the sea and the uniqueness of the landscape. Nowadays the area is used as a "bel vedere" where one can see the sea, admire the sunset and if the weather allows it, to distinguish in the background the beautiful island of Thassos, to the west Mount Athos and to the east Keramoti beach. Close to the Lighthouse of the harbor, in a prominent place is the Church of Panagia. Going for coffee, do not forget to walk through the threshold of the Ottoman mosque of Halil Bey and end up on the Acropolis. The 360-degree Castle is well maintained, and various cultural events take place. The medieval arched aqueduct of the city, known as Kammares, built in the 16th century by Shuleiman, the old mansions of wealthy smokestacks and the Archaeological Museum stand out in the dense urban fabric. Leave the city of yesterday and come to the city of today, making your shopping in its huge market, full of all sorts of shops. And if you get tired, sit for a coffee in its beautiful harbor. At dusk take a walk next to the waves and when the smells of the fresh fish irritate your nose, sit in a beautiful, traditional tavern of the many and enjoy it. It is worth leaving the city for a while and go to Nea Karvali for the well-known, unbeatable curabiedes in Nikissiani for a traditional Greek coffee at the briquette and discover the beautiful mountain villages of Pangaio Moustheni, Messoropi, Domatia and Avli, with running waters , traditional products and good food. It would be a pity to leave Kavala and not  visit the archaeological site of Philippi, an ancient city of Macedonia that owes its name to Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. It is 15 minutes from the city center and houses monuments from the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian periods, such as a well-preserved theater, the Agora, the "Apostle Paul's prison" and many remnants of the glorious past. The area recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hosts the homonymous Festival. If you are not just outdoorsy, visit Krinides (on the way to Drama) to immerse yourself in thermal clay and enjoy clay therapy. If after all of this, you are still thirsty for intense excitement, continue to the northwest of Kavala (on the road to Drama) where, after a distance of 65 km, you will find yourself in the cave of Alistratis, this amazing creation of nature. It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe where you can take a walk about one kilometer long, 56 meters below the earth, overlooking beautiful stalagmites. There is also the Aggitis Gorge, 15 km long, between Paggeio and Menokio Mountain in Serres. Crashing into the running water is impressive. Walk through its caves with rock and roll paintings of the 5th and 6th centuries and be impressed by the rocky arches on its slopes. After such a beautiful trip it would be a shame not to visit Amphipolis and the thrilling Tomb of Kastas. The largest burial monument of the Early Hellenistic period found inside the hill. It is believed that Alexander the Great is buried here, from the important archaeological finds that came to light. Two marble Sphinxes were found, headless and without feathers, two Kariatides  and an extraordinary, colored floor mosaic, on Persephone's grasp of Pluto. There, you will find two other tombs, one of which brought to light wonderful inscriptions found in the Kavala Museum. In the village of Amphipolis, there is the homonymous Archaeological Museum with finds of all chronological periods.


Archaeological Site of Philippi

  The Philippi (ancient Krinides) was an important city, inhabited continuously from the Neolithic to the Roman period. The culmination of its glory was the Hellenistic period. Philip was worshiped as a god in the area, having found two mosques in his honor, as well as an inscription that mentions the fact that he was worshiped at the same time as Jupiter. Even more interesting is that at the same point, in AD 52, Apostle Paul comes to declare Christianity and establish the first church on European territory. Very close is the pilgrimage of Saint Lydia, where the Apostle baptized the first Christian.

Monastery of Nikitas

  Monastery of Women located in a rocky, uneven but green area between the villages of Mavrochori, Elafohori, Dysvato and Stegno in the mountainous area of ​​Nestos. It was built at the point where the miraculous icon of Christ's Metamorphosis - that "flounders" when it wants to warn of great events- was found.

Archaeological Museum

  Next to the park, in the left of the harbor, watching the sea, is the most important of Greece, where objects of stone and clay from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age are exhibited among others.

Tobacco Museum

  In the center of Kavala there is the Tobacco Museum, which reminds of the old days of the city, which was full of life, when all the society was organized around the smoke. See tools, library and tributes to the tobacco clubs of the time.

Church of Panagia Pangiotissa (Halil Bey)

  It is located above the village of Khartocopi where its holy image was miraculously found.


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