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Agios Nikolaos, the capital of the prefecture of Lassithi, with its own sound colors, the unique picturesque landscape and the cosmopolitan scent that emerges, demands an important part of the tourist market. Its beauty - here was the ancient Minoan town of Lato - is mainly due to the small lagoon of Voulismeni (connected to the sea with a small canal) around which, amphitheatrically, unfolds  the residential area with white houses and beautiful neoclassical buildings and emerge everywhere with sea as a background . The unique event of burning Judah in the center of the lake is worth living if you are on the island during Easter. Attractions include the marina (the first marina in Crete), the islet of Agii Pantes with the protected Cretan goat, the quiver with the taverns and the pedestrian street. Sitia, home of V. Kornaros, is the eastern end of Crete and is 70 km away from Agios Nikolaos. A small quiet and beautiful city-base to visit its 45 villages and taste the traditional Cretan hospitality. Wander through its beautiful uphill alleys, which boast from the flower-filled courtyards and swim in the coastal palm-road with amusement at the "rakadika", bars and taverns.


"Stone Sacred", bathed by the sun and the sea, where the holidays never end. Where deep-blue crystal clear water and endless shores (51 km long) offer delightful moments of relaxation, and the excavation finds allow the visitor to admire the rich historical past.


High quality tourist resort with the most 5 and 6 star hotels for VIP visitors. Ideal for those who want to relax while preserving their privacy and having fun, explore the many small hamlets that turn you back in time, walk to the Kolokitha Peninsula, throw themselves against Spinalonga (rocky island-myth) with its unique history . From Agios Nikolaos it is only 15 minutes by car, from Chania about 3.5 hours, from Rethymno about 2.5 hours, and from Heraklion just over an hour from the national road. The affordable luxury in Crete that you deserve to experience. Visit the fishing village of Plaka for fresh fish at a tavern next to the sea and if you want to travel to ancient Olounda, you can only swim with the necessary equipment and discover a whole city under today's Elounda. For the less risky, the approach to the point where Elounda joins the isthmus, will pleasantly surprise you, since you can see the ruins on the bottom.


Church of Panagia Kera Kritsa

It is dedicated to the Assumption and stands out for the rare decoration of frescoes of various ages.


Archaeological site in Ierapetra, remnants of a middle settlement of Minoan times.

Minoan settlement Agoria

Built on the hill of Myrambellos, it was an important urban center of the ancient period.


Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos

 Many important objects from the early-minoan cemetery of Agia Fotia are exibited.The most important objects are the "Vessel Vases", known as the goddess of Myrto.

Archaeological Museum of Sitia

With many masterpieces of Minoan art, the main of which is the chryselephantine statuette of the Minoan city of Polykastro.

Ecclesiastical Museum of the Toplou Monastery

Includes interesting pictures and engravings.

Folklore Museum of Sitia

This museum describes the everyday life of local people.

El. Venizelos Museum

Includes material about the life and activities of the Cretan politician in Agios Georgios Lasithiou

Folklore Museum of Gavdos

It is located in Metohi and its owner is a priest who gathered with passion all kinds of folk art that concerned the everyday life of the farmer, shipbuilder. Household utensils and woven fabrics are also exposed.

Zakros Water Museum

In Lasithi, next to the verdant springs of Ano Zakros, a thematic museum aiming to highlight the importance of water even nowadays.


Diktaio Andro

The impressive cave of Zeus on the plateau of Lassithi at an altitude of 1025 meters is one of the most spectacular in Crete. With stalactites and stalagmites and the impressive stalactite "the mantle of Zeus" among them, but also shaped molds that played a role in religious worship. It also includes human dummies, Late Minoan reliefs and numerous archaeological finds. It has a rich fauna, since at the entrance of the cave are nesting wild and other varieties of birds.

Cave of Trapeza (Cronio)

It is located at an altitude of 860 meters near the periphery that connects the village of Marmaketo with Tzermiado. After 5 minutes of climbing, we are at the entrance of the cave, used as a home, place of burial and worship. Major finds of all time, including some Egyptian scarabs, have been found, proving the ancient relationship between Crete and Egypt.

Ha Canyon

Next to the village and to the Minoan ruins of Vasiliki (Ierapetra), from the toughest in  Greece, and a rare morphological phenomenon of nature created on a large active fault, a virgin habitat, due to its inaccessible presence. stones in bright colors and cracked gray rocks that shade with their presence the plain that lies in front of them, complement the wild beauty. With ponds and large amounts of water forming waterfalls. Its cascade is the largest in Greece, at the end of the marshalling parade and is an ideal paradise for canyoning.

Richti Canyon

It is located between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia with a 3 km route and 350 m inlet - exit altitude. It starts from the arched stone bridge of Lahana through the river. Surrounded by luscious, varied vegetation, which emits logical scents, it creates the beautiful 20 meters waterfall, forming a small lake. At the exit, the view of the Cretan Sea, with the pebbled beach and the salt-trees on the beach of Richti, is simply amazing!

Canyon of the Dead

Nearly 100 km southeast of Agios Nikolaos, begins the Canyon of the Dead in Zakros, part of the European path E4. It is of historical importance as Minoan tombs were found in the caves - hence the name - of great archaeological value. This fact, in combination with the beautiful natural environment and easy accessibility, classifies the gorge as the first choice of tourists.


Golden Island


The beach, 500 m west of the port of Chrysi is called Vlychada, known for its rocky seabed and its red pebble that originated from the red lava


Blue-Green waters. White sand with pink changes from the dead shells and junkyards that keep the sand with their strong roots create a detoxifying environment for the visitor ,who arrives here by boat from Ierapetra in about 50 minutes.

Vai beach

It is the most famous beach in eastern Crete due to the large palm tree forest of Theophrastus (numbered 5000) and is watered by the waters that penetrate it. The sandy, light-colored beach with a palm grove, creates a combination of exotic paradise.

Plaka beach

It is 16 km north of Agios Nikolaos and opposite the famous Spinalonga Island - where lepers were exiled. It has scenic beaches of pebbles and crystal clear waters on the one hand and salty beaches on the other. However, it is not the only reason to come to Plaka, as the surrounding areas are of great archaeological interest. At the north of the village, through endless olive groves and passing the village of Vrouchas, we meet the old windmills and continuing to the east, the big wind park. Another interesting route that we propose is through Mirabello and its picturesque villages in order to reach Neapoli and then through the national road to Heraklion.

Beach of Chiliaderfia

It is the fantastic sandy beach at the southeast of Lefkis (Koufonisia) with its characteristic white color of its rocks, where it owes its name. To the west of it flows fresh water, and ends up in a bare, steep cliff, 100 meters high, nesting the birds of prey killers.

Beaches in Vlychadia

An easy destination is Vlychadia, 31 km northwest of Agios Nikolaos, where you arrive from Neapolis via the villages Skinias and Agios Georgios. The beach there is not so welcoming because of rocks and shingles, but besides the village of Avlaki, it is the prettiest in Mirabello, at the exit of Mavroyianni Gorge with white pebbles and crystal clear waters. After the sea dives and the snorkel, tour the picturesque villages of Mirabello, the monasteries and the rare nature, knowing the Cretan hospitality.


Off-road routes, hiking, climbing, wind sports, scuba diving, water sports, sea excursions etc.

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