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Two Prefectures of Macedonia, very close to the city of Thessaloniki, meet all the requirements of high traffic due to the historical and archaeological interest, mainly they present. Smart Rent is a reputable car rental company, is willing to listen to you and resolve any questions you may have regarding your trip to the area. We will be glad to be useful to you.

Pella and the capital, Edessa, known for its famous waterfalls, is indeed filled with archaeological sites that seek to be unveiled and emerged.



The Ancient Pella, second capital of the Macedonian state, after Aigai, built with the well-known Hippodamian system, sparkes the interest of the visitor to learn more about Greek culture, since we also meet important Macedonian tombs such as the tomb of Philip II. There is also an Archaeological Museum.

Archaeological site in Mieza

Close to Vergina, there is another Macedonian town, Mieza. Here, there are four Macedonian graves of large dimensions, with frescoes of the 4th century BC. In the same area was Nymfaio, a place of cult of the Nymphs, where the famous school of Aristotle was hosted.


Archaeological Museum

In an area of ​​6,000 sqm, northeast of the archaeological site of Pella and next to the modern settlement, the new Archaeological Museum is founded. In the reception there is the head of Alexander the Great, which was found in Giannitsa and inside the building there are five thematic units that fit the visitor into the everyday life of that era.

Palaeontological-Physiographic-Folklore Museum of Almopia

Here are found finds and fossils that confirm the existence of wildlife and flora in the area's speleological park.


The city of water, a city at the feet of Vermio, which is leaked by four rivers, forming twelve wonderful waterfalls (the largest in the Balkans), rich in vegetation and wonderful views of the plain, but also with a great history. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and tranquility. It is worth visiting the Yeni Mosque, the only one without any alterations, built in the style of Hagia Sophia in the Constantinople.

Waterfalls of Edessa

At the end of the city, in a magnificent 100,000-sqm geopark, a rock, known as the "brow" of the city, spring up twelve wonderful waterfalls. Most notable, the great waterfall of Karanos, falling from a height of 70 meters. Inside the park, the Water Museum is also hosted creating meeting and recreation areas.

Pozar Baths

At an altitude of 390 meters and 30 km from Edessa and 100 km from Thessaloniki, five thermal springs spill along the bed of the hotplate that continues its flow to the Almopia basin. Here, it creates spa-therapy rooms, which contribute to the bachelor's psychosomatic well-being. Nearby are the Mavro Dasos, the Loutra Cave, the Loutra Gorge with its surrounding area for excursions, mountaineering and simple walks.

Loutra Canyon

It starts from the Greek border to the area of ​​Loutra, in the Nikolas stream. The path between virgin nature, with lush vegetation and rich waterfalls, is enchanting. Stone paths and wooden bridges help the visitor to reach the unique caves.

Cave Park of Loutra

Do not miss a visit to the first cave park in Greece, consisting of a cluster of 17 caves, where tools of Paleolithic and Neolithic period were found, lithographs, brown bear fossils and other interesting facts that testify to the presence of the indigenous population.

Mavro Dasos

It is located on the eastern side of Voras (Kaimaktsalan), overgrown with towering and straight pine candles, descending on the plain of Almopia. You can cross it by car, if  the weather allows it, to the summit. If you try, you better take the route from the village of Megaplatanos, as a large part of it is paved.

The Kaimaktsalan Ski Center is located at about 2000 meters- with the central shelter, parking, ski schools- and reaches 2480 meters where on the ridge with FYROM, there is the chapel of Ae-Lia, a monument of the First World War. The view from the mountain is breathtaking and when the conditions allow it, the Thermaikos gulf and the peak of Mount Olympus are visible. The area is suitable for mountaineering skiing and offers the opportunity to discover some wonderful locations and forest paths.

The traditional settlement of Palaios Agios Athanasios, 1200 meters high, near the ski resort, enchants the visitor not only with the magnificent Macedonian architecture but also the local gastronomic interest in the many traditional restaurants and hospitality centers. The distance from Edessa is only 28 km.


It is one of the ideal travel destinations throughout the year for many reasons. Its natural , in every aspect, heritage, the mountains of Vermio and Pieria, its rivers, the ski center 3-5 Pigadia, Seli, Naoussa, Vergina and all the villages of Imathia are real attractions and it is worth visiting.


Archaeological Sites of Aigai (Vergina)

Here are great monuments of Macedonian culture such as the Aigai Palace, the tomb of Philip II of the Macedonian King and the tomb of Persephone.

Step of the Apostle Paul

A monument where the Apostle of the Nations, Paul, declared the Christian religion in Veroia.

Monastery of Panagia Soumela

On the slopes of Vermio, near the village of Kastania, the Holy Monastery of Panagia Soumela dominates majestically. It is the spiritual center of Pontus Hellenism, who built it as an attempt to revive the historic monastery of the same name, the ruins of which lie on Mount Melas, near Trebizond in Asia Minor. Here is the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, created by Evangelist Loukas. The pilgrimage flows do not cease throughout the year, culminating in August, when the Monastery celebrates.

The Temple of the Old Metropolis of Veria

It is one of the largest medieval Byzantine basilicas of the Balkans, and particularly important is the painting decoration of the monument, which took place in different periods. To the north, minaret survives since the Ottomans turned the temple into a mosque. At the nearby plane tree, the Turks hung the Metropolit of Veria, Saint Arsenios.

Agios Nikolaos Grove at Naoussa. Just 3 km away from the city of Naoussa, the springs of Arapitsa are hidden beneath its huge, aged plane trees, which with its abundant waters water the whole city and irrigate its fertile land. Modern recreation and leisure facilities, day and night walkways, taverns and the VERMIO Hotel offer thousands of visitors an ideal setting for relaxation.



A 310 km long Greek River, just before its discharge into the Thermaicos Gulf, forms a Delta that hosts important biotopes.


A mild mountain with a height of just over 2 km, overgrown mainly by beech and fir, oak and chestnut trees, has great flora and fauna and is an important hiking destination with more than 70 km of marked trails.

3-5 Pigadia Ski Center

At an altitude of 1430-2005 meters it belongs to the Municipality of Naoussa and is one of the most modern ski resorts with integrated facilities for touristic-athletic skiing and the only one that has an artificial snow system. The wonderful climate, the beautiful natural environment and the amazing sports facilities have established it as a center for the preparation of sports teams.

Seli Ski Center

The first organized ski center in Greece at an altitude of 1534-1900 meters on Mount Vermio in the prefecture of Imathia, in the village of Seli, one of the highest in Greece. It is 24 km away from Veria, 20 km from Naoussa and 95 km from Thessaloniki. Main access is made via the Egnatia highway and the provincial road Veroia-Seli and via Naoussa-Seli.

Archaeological Museum of Veroia

It houses exhibits from the Neolithic to the Roman period, such as tombs, clay stacks, metal pots, etc., most famous for the "Gymnasia Law", a marble column of the 2nd century BC including the rules of the Gymnasium.

Byzantine Museum of Veroia

It is housed in the Marcus' Mill, a prestigious 1911 building, next to the ancient city wall. The Byzantine exhibits prove the glorious history of the city, classifying it as a regional metropolis of Byzantium in the heart of Macedonia.

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