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The Prefecture of Pieria, with its capital Katerini, just 80 km away from Makedonia Airport and 75 km from the city of Thessaloniki, evolves into a tourist destination for visitors with certain tastes. It is a conscious choice of the traveler who wishes to enjoy the natural and archaeological richness of the place, with comfort and facilities all year round. The amazing beaches, the archaeological sites, the ski resort of Olympus, and the cosmopolitan life it offers, rank it among the top choices. The use of a rented car is necessary since the length of the clean, blue-flagged coasts exceeds 100 km.

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A unique archaeological site where history evolves through a natural environment of unparalleled beauty. It combines a journey into history and a true journey through the virgin vegetation and the current crystal clear waters. Scattered statues, ruins of a whole city, the Ancient Theater and so many others, embedded in a fantastic landscape, where the lush vegetation and the liquid element complement each other harmoniously on the outskirts of Olympus.


The Byzantine church of Panagia Kontariotissa and the monastery of Saint Ephraim create a pole of attraction for not just religious visitors. In Skotina, the post-Byzantine churches of Christ and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, as well as Neos Panteleimonas, the restored village of Palaios Panteleimonas - after 1990 - have evolved into a model holiday resort.


Here there are ruins of an early Christian basilica.


The old Monastery of Agios Dionysios "at Olympus", at the foot of Olympus, along the gorge and next to the river, creates awe and ecstasy. It is a few minutes from Litochoro (17km).


A magnificent castle from the time of Venetian domination, built in 1204 by Bonifacio the Confederate. It is kept in good condition with panoramic, fantastic view and small splendid beaches, where the sand alternates with pebbles. During summer  various cultural events take place within the framework of the Olympus Festival.

Other well known archaeological sites are Makrygialos, where there is a prehistoric settlement, the ancient and Byzantine Pydna with ruins of Byzantine fortifications, the Korinos coast adjacent to ancient Macedonian tombs, the neighboring Louloudies, where an Early Byzantine settlement with an Early Christian basilica of the 6th century, graves and tombs as well as the ancient Leivithra.



Headquartered in Litochoro, the museum is a great effort based on a private initiative where it exhibits minerals, rocks and fossils of Olympus and the wider region, with an excellent guided tour. It also has a telescope so that the visitor can watch the planets and the solar system.


DELTA OF ALIAKMON In an area of ​​40.000 acres, with a wide variety of flora and fauna, the excellent natural beauty and the great importance of the wetland lies in the delta of the river Aliakmonas.


A lagoon of 15,000 acres, gives home to rare organisms and to a number of Mediterranean turtles.


Here rare plants and aquatic birds are hosted.


A magnificent 13 km route and 1100 meters of altitude climb, amidst dense vegetation of all kinds of trees and plants. With magnificent picturesque bridges over the breezy waters of the river and the magical paths ending in a refreshment room, one reaches the point where climbs begin for the mountain shelters in the mountain of the gods.


A paradise at the foothills of Mount Olympus, one of the most beautiful places to visit, to swim in the emerald-green waters of the river that forms beautiful waterfalls and splendid natural pools.


In the heart of the city of Katerini we find an oasis of images and colors. The route through impressive fountains and scenic ponds, with ducks, rich flora and fauna, has besides fast food, cafes etc., a municipal theater where cultural events take place during the summer.



The beach of Katerini, the closest to the homonymous city, with its incredible sandy beach and the shallow blue sea, is ideal for water sports such as sailing, diving, paragliding, wind surfing, cycling and more.


From the most beautiful beaches of Pieria, with crystal clear waters, organized beach and easily accessible, overlooking the imposing castle of Platamonas. There, besides water sports, you can also take a paragliding from Palaios Panteleimonas and stop at the beach.


It is a tourist resort with luxurious hotels, rooms to let, organized camping facilities, restaurants and taverns.


A magnificent beach at the foot of the holy mountain with impeccable infrastructure, actively participating in all day fun.


The beach of Skotina with its golden sands and many ancient trees, hosts an endless array of famous camping sites.

Other popular beaches are Platamonas, Makrygialos and Neoi Poroi, which are the southernmost coast of Pieria, with excellent ecological interest, in an area including the wildlife sanctuary Varico-Kalyvia and the Pineios River Delta.


Plaka of Litohoro, under the shadow of Mount Olympus, with excellent hotel facilities, upgrades the already beautiful location, providing the vibrant nightlife of the area with beach bars, night clubs and multi-age clubs.


For those who love sports, Pieria is the ultimate destination. The mountain volumes of Mount Olympus - the mountain of the twelve gods of antiquity - are offered both for winter and  summer climbing without equipment and due experience, since in the summer months the shelters are completely accessible. Hiking, combined with a tour of the monuments and sights of archaeological interest, is another excellent tour of Mount Olympus. For lovers of winter sports, the ski resort of Elatochori, 1400 meters above sea level, meets all the requirements. Excellent ski slopes (and all kinds of activity), warm hospitality in the traditional settlement of Elatohori with gastronomic delights and quick access to the site, 36 km away from Katerini and 8 km from Elatochori. Also other interesting sports are mountaineering skiing on the slopes of Olympus (from December to May), skiing on organized slopes, canyoning in the waters of Orlia, hiking, climbing and, of course, mountain climbing. The large coastal front of Pieria, including more than 100 km of sixteen organized beaches, the majority of which lies to the south, offers a variety of water sports, especially the beach Paralia of Katerini (the nearest to the homonym city), with the incredible sandy beach and the shallow blue sea. Sailing, scuba diving, cycling, as well as windsurfing are some of the sports that one can choose.


Throughout Pieria, entertainment covers all sorts of preferences, from great taverns to musical groups, cafes with music of all kinds, restaurants, etc. The fun mountains along the coastal front, culminating in the beach, the closest to the city of Katerini. It really is worthwhile to browse the area and gain life experiences. Visit our headquarters and we will equip you with the appropriate car for your occasion, which will travel you economically,  comfortably and especially safely to the destination of your choice. Smart Rent, with responsibility and consistency, promises to be a helper in your decision.

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