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Confirmation number

rent a car thessaloniki +30.2310-900228 & +30.6951009204



Booking process

The booking process is very simple and can be done within 3 minutes if you visit our website at You can also visit our headquartes in Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Crete, next to the airport or call the reservations section at +30 2310900228 and +306951009204

Terms of lease agreement

    Drivers above the age of 23 and under the age of 72 have the choice to rent any vehicle from B, C, and D category from the Smart Rent fleet. All drivers must be in possession of a legal driving license, which should  be valid for over a year including all the necessary documents. Residents of foreign countries should bring with them a European or an international driving license as well as a passport when required.

Discharge of liability in the event of an accident

The increment of the detention value by a minimum amount relieves the lessee of a financial burden in the event of damage. The lessee may choose to take the following insurance policies upon reservation or upon pick-up of the vehicle:

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W), Theft-Fire Safety (TP) -With discharge

In the event of an accident, fire, partial or total loss of the vehicle under the responsibility of the lessee, there is an obligation to financially participate in the repair of damages of the vehicle of the company. As a guarantee, for possible minor damages, the lessee pays the amounts per category as described below:

B     category       500,00 euros

C     category      600,00 euros

D     category      700,00 euros

E      category      800.00 euros

F     category      1000,00 euros

G    category      1200,00  euros

 H    category      1200,00  euros

In case of no damages, the guarantee is returned in full.


Partial Damage Waiver (P.D.W.)

In the event that the lessee chooses the partial damage waiver insurance, his obligation to pay for damages to the company's vehicle that may arise is limited, with the lessee paying in addition for each rental day the following amounts according to the category of the vehicle.

B  category          6,00 euros

C   category        6,00 euros

D  category         8,00 euros

E  category          8,00 euros

F  category          10,00 euros

G category          12,00 euros

H category           15,00 euros


 Discharge is limited to the below mentioned ammounts per vehicle category.

B  category          250,00 euros

C  category         300,00 euros

D  category         350,00 euros

E  category          400,00 euros

F  category          500,00 euros

G category          600,00 euros

 Η category          600,00 euros

The tenant is not relieved of financial liability in the event of theft, fire, damage to the underside of the vehicle, wheels (tires and rims), mirrors, seat  or general interior damage, loss of keys and any loss of part of the vehicle.

Complete  Discharge of Responsibility(SCDW), Theft-Fire Insurance (TP) (Without payment of any amount)

In the event that the lessee of the vehicle opts for complete discharge of responsibility, including theft Insurance(TP), he is relieved of the financial liability to repair any damage to the company's car that may arise. In order to qualify for full liability, the lessee must pay the amounts per day of the respective vehicle category, at the time of signing the contract, as listed below:

B   category         18,00 euros

C   category        20,00 euros

D   category        22,00 euros

E   category         25.00 euros

F   category         28,00 euros

G   category        30,00 euros

H   category         32,00 euros


In case of refuelling the vehicle with the wrong type of fuel, the lessee is obliged to full restoration of the vehicle.

No type of insurance covers any damage to the underside of the vehicle, spoilers, wheels, hubcaps, mirrors, antenna, glass, GPS devices,child seats, snow chains, other equipment, vehicle interior and tires as well as loss or destruction of keys and generally damages caused by driving on unpaved roads.

Damages caused to a vehicle that is not covered by a rental agreement due to expiration or no prompt renewal of it, the company is released from any obligation and the lesse undertakes the total cost of repair.

The above types of insurance do not cover damages caused when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances, in violation of the Road Traffic Code (N2696 / 1999 ΦΕΚ 57A) or by persons who are not listed as drivers at the rental contract, as well as in the event that the incident is not recorded by the traffic police or by the accident care service of the insurance company that the company's vehicles are insured at.

Additional Driver

A hired car can also be driven by a second person as long as it has the necessary legalization documents without any extra cost and after it has been stated in the contract at the beginning of the lease.

Vehicle pick up procedure

In order for the vehicle to be picked up  it is important that the following necessary documents are delivered

- European driving license or valid International driving license.

-Identity Card or valid Passport

-Credit or debit card or cash, if there are no cards available

The card is used as a guarantee in case of damage.

Collection and delivery of the vehicle

Upon receipt of the vehicle, the lessee will have to check its delivery control form to confirm any existing damages. The vehicle is delivered full of fuel. On returning the vehicle, the its external and internal condition is checked by a person in charge of the company, as well as the fuel level which should be at the point at which the vehicle was picked up. If for any reason the fuel is short, the tenant is obliged to pay the corresponding amount of fuel plus 15 euros.

Extending the rental time of the vehicle

In cases of the lessee wishing to extend the rental of the vehicle for a longer period of time than the original agreement, he should contact Smart Rent at least 48 hours before the end of the lease so that his contract can be renewed if this is feasible. If the vehicle returns sooner than the agreed time, the extra amount remains in the benefit of the company.

Cancellation policy
Cancellation at no cost, is possible if it happens 48 hours prior to  the  pre-determined pick-up of the vehicle. Cancellations made 48-24 hours before pick-up the lessee will be charged with a day's rental cost. In cases of  cancellations made 24 hours before pick-up or of the lessee not showing up, the amount is not refundable. Cancellation can be made either through our website or by contacting the phone numbers listed on our company website.

Terms of Payment

The lease is paid either in cash or by debit or credit card. When selecting the method of payment in cash, a credit card is required to freeze the amount of liability in accordance with the terms of the company, which will be released at the end of the lease if the stipulated terms of the contract are met.

All card payments are processed through Alpha Bank's Alpha e-Commerce electronic payment platform and uses TLS 1.2 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. Encryption is a way to encode the information until it reaches its intended recipient, which will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Place of pick-up and return of the vehicle

Pick-up and return of vehicles are made at the company's offices in Thessaloniki and Heraklion Crete, as well as at the airports, ports, railway stations of the above cities at no extra cost. Distances greater than 30 km are charged at 0.30 cents per kilometer with a minimum of € 25,00. Pick-up of the vehicle during non- working hours is charged with € 20,00.

Geographical limits of vehicle traffic

It is forbidden that the vehicles leave  the Greek territory. Transporting the vehicle by boat is only permitted with SmartRent's written consent and no insurance coverage is provided in the event of damage.

Illegal actions

Any unlawful action or traffic offense involving fines, solely responsible for financial or other administrative settlement shall be  the lessee.

Additional facilities

SmartRent customer service offers the following benefits at the lowest possible rate

-GPS 2 EUR per day with a maximum charge of 30 EUR

1st child seat 2 EUR / day with a maximum charge of 20 EUR

-2th child seat free of charge

snow chains are provided free of charge

-Unlimited kilometers for the entire rental period, except for the 2-day lease in which there is a mileage limit of up to 150 km per day. Exceeding the above mentioned km limit is charged with 0,20 per kilometer.

-24-hour road assistance

Reduce rental costs

 For the benefit of the customer, it is permitted to use his / her own means from the ones mentioned in the additional facilities so that there is no charge.

Special conditions

 All the vehicles of the company are categorized according to the luggage space, horsepower, and capacity. Vehicles appearing in individual categories are those shown on the site or similar to the same features of course.

In case of loss or partial or total destruction of the keys of the rented vehicle, there is a pecuniary charge of 70,00-300,00 euro depending on its type. The cleaning of the interior of the vehicle from stains, fluids or other items such as coffee, oil, etc., requiring special cleaning, is charged with 60,00 euro.

Reliability policy

- All terms mentioned in the contract are strong.

- No extra hidden charges.

- All of the above charges are subject to VAT

-The pricelist of the company changes without prior notice depending on the circumstances


High-quality services - Low prices.

"SmartRent" rent a car company offers the most competitive prices in Thessaloniki - Crete.

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