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Attention: Our cookie policy is adjustable in order to be compatible with GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation (not yet published).

Cookies that we use

Session cookieLawspotStored only in registered users after their sign-up. It is erased as soon as the browser is closed.
Persistent login cookieLawspotStored only in registered users that have activated the "Stay signed-in" option during their connection. This cookie is erased only if the user chooses to log-off from the website (Log-off option in the central menu). Take notice that the session which is related to this cookie has some restrictions concerning the accessibility of particular Lawspot sites. For instance, in order to modify your profile, you need a session cookie which means that you will be asked to enter again your e-mail address and your password.
cookie-agreedLawspotUsed for screening the message related to the acceptance of cookies and saving the user's choice. Lasts for 100 days.
has_jsLawspotStored in all the website's visitors during the session.Lasts until the user exits our website (by closing the browser or the tab) and allows the site to identify if your browser supports Javascript.
Google Analytics cookiesGoogle Analytics cookiesThey belong to the third party cookies category and are stored in all the website's visitors. They collect information about how the visitors use our website and their storage duration is defined by Google Privacy Policy.These cookies collect anonymous information, including the visitors' number, their origin and how they browsed through our website.We use this information to compose reports that help us improve our website.For more information: Google Privacy Policy.