Ancient Kydonia

In today's old town, Minoan Kydonia was built, a great shopping center of the time. Most traces were found on the hill Kastelli, above the old Venetian harbor, where plaques of Linear A 'and B' were found. The rest, as well as the palace of Kydonia, are buried under the modern city.

Tombs of Venizelos

A visit here to the historic site of Chania, next to the Venetian Temple of Prophet Elias, is necessary to honor  El. Venizelos and his son Sophocles, for the services they offered at homeland, but also to his statue "Kayalle", a little surprise, raised in honor of the rebel Spyros Kargialedakis, who, through gunshots, raised the Greek flag using his own body.

Allied Cemetery

In Souda, in a beautifully landscaped area, this cemetery was built in honor of the fallen soldiers who took part in the Second World War. Architect was Louis De Soissons, and includes 1527 people from different countries. Every year, events take place in memoriam with many visitors, mainly Australians and New Zealanders.

Lighthouse of Chania

The most recognizable spot in the city, 21 meters high, visible from a distance of 7 miles. It is a Venetian creature but has received many interventions to take its final form from the Egyptians in the 19th century.


The famous Venetian castle of Sfakia, haunted by the legend of the Drosulites, whose shadows still appear in the Walls some nights.

Lake Kournas

The only natural lake of Crete with fresh water, just 4 km from Georgioupolis.

Monastery of Agia Triada Tzagarolon or Mourtaron

It is only 15 km away from Chania, near the airport and at the foot of the mountain range of the Cross. It was built by the Venetian brothers Tzagarolos. Today, it still plays an important role in the religious and economic life of the place and in its museum space, it hosts remarkable icons and vessels, such as the 12th century handwritten script, icons of St. Nicholas, the Church of Christ etc. It is worth a visit that will familiarize you with methods of producing pure traditional products such as organic olive oil, honey wine, soap.

Monastery of the Lady of Angels Gouvernetos

 It is located 19 km northeast of Chania, near the Monastery of Agia Triada, at an altitude of 260 meters, at the entrance of Avlaki Gorge, built with a fortress plan. Architecturally, it is cruciform with a dome, with many reliefs at the entrance, being dedicated to the Virgin Mary, hence its name. Around the katholikon there are 50 cells, the trapeza, a small museum, etc. Next to it, there are two chapels of Saints Ten and Ioannis of hermit, who lived in a cave in the Avlaki Gorge. Take the paved path and go down to the sea, where you will find Arkoudospilios, the cave church of Agios Ioannis for 20 minutes and in 10 minutes you will see the view of the green waters enclosed in a narrow picturesque fjord.

Souda Island

A small island with a watchful guard at the entrance of Souda bay. Since the 14th century its defensive fortification has begun, which was not improved due to cost. Fortezza, the fortress of Souda, which surrounded the entire area of ​​the island, from a technical point of view, responded to the purpose for which it was created. Even today it serves as a naval base, so visits and photos are not allowed.