Kydoni Canyon

At the foothills of the White Mountains, in the beautiful village of Karanos, we meet the Kydoni gorge. Perhaps the greenest   canyon of Crete with incredible vegetation and trees whose height exceeds 20 meters.  It starts from the village, at its old fountain, where it descends a distinct path and passing through an impressive olive grove and the chapel of Agios Dimitrios, enters the river bed. The fairly easy path that crosses the dense vegetation canyon, measures 2 km to reach the point where Mavropilioti, a branch of the Platanias River, meets. In its course, it creates 2-3 small waterfalls, where we encounter a beautiful wooden bridge, which leads us to rocks and small stalactites. Its approach requires an hour of walking. At its lowest point, we find two old paths leading to the nearby settlement of Skordalou.

Samaria Canyon

Chania hosts the most famous gauntlet of Europe, which is visited by thousands of visitors in the summer and is part of the European path E4. Its length reaches 15 km and its duration lasts 5-7 hours. You start from an altitude of 1250 meters and cross the Samaria National Park from Xyloskalo. Its most famous point is Sideroportes where the steep cliffs are only 4 meters apart and rise to about 500 meters. There lives the Cretan goat, but also many species of fauna and flora. Walking through the gorge to end up in the Libyan Sea is for many an end in itself.

Canyon of Therisos or El. Venizelou

It is located near Chania and you can drive through it by car within 6 km. It's vertical peaks with lush vegetation are not inferior to the rest of the gorges on the island. At the entrance of the gorge you will meet the heroic village of Therisso, hidden at the foot of the White Mountains, at an altitude of 580 meters and 16 km south of Chania, will welcome you and travel you to its history.

Agia Irini Canyon

It is part of the E4 European pathway as well as a part of Natura 2000, and has a length of 7,5 km and has been designated as a wildlife sanctuary since it is part of the Cretan goat  (kri-kri) habitat  and the rich flora of the region. However, the Ayiriniotiko gorge, the second after  Samaria, which it competes with, is not only important for its biodiversity, its aesthetic value but its historical and cultural identity. The path of "Fygou" was the way out of the militants of the Revolution, during the Ottoman domination, to Omalos. Nearby is the Byzantine church of Christ and the ruined church of St. George. A little further south are the ancient cities of Elyros, Hirtakina, Syia, Lissos and Poikylassos.

Aradena Canyon

The deepest and one of the sharpest of the county, with a height of 138 meters, is ideal for bunjee-jumping and hiking. There we find the metal bridge of Aradena, the highest in Greece and second in Europe for  bunjee-jumping. The enchanting trip to the Marmaras beach is a unique travel experience.