Ancient Stageira

The birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle, a mountain village 8km from the sea, is located on the central road of Thessaloniki-Ouranoupoli, at an altitude of 500 meters above the "Liotopi" Peninsula and 500 meters southeast of the current settlement of Olympiada. It includes the ruins of an archaic sanctuary, a late-class Wall (Phillip II's era), a Hellenistic house, an Agora and square Byzantine tower, considered to be the tombstone of the great philosopher of antiquity.

Aristotle's grove

 Emblematic presence in the grove is his statue, dominating imposingly  the area.

The Temple of the Birth of the Virgin, built in 1814, from the rare ones, in a cruciform architecture.

The locals will suggest you go through Panagouda, an old church built in rock in 1903, known as Spiliotissa.

Petralona Cave 35 km from Thessaloniki Airport, above Kallikratia.

The church of St. Stephen in Arnea

The Temple of Ammon Zeus and the Sanctuary of the Nymphs in Kallithea

The Church and the Tower of Apostle Paul in Nea Fokea, wonderfully preserved, built in 1407 for the monastery's security.

The Metohi in Sani

The sanctuary of Poseidon and the Lighthouse of Poseidi.

The archaeological site of Mendis in Kalandra and the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with wonderful frescoes.

The Justinian Wall in Potidea, on the inner side of the road that separates the city from the canal, parts of which are preserved, and its westernmost tower is washed by the sea.

Archaeological site of Afitio in Afitos with the ancient quarries, the springs of Vrysitsa and Moudounos and some very picturesque churches.

Fortification elements of ancient Toronis at Vigla and Likithos Castle

The ancient church of St. Athanasius (triple basilica of the 5th century)

In Sarti, the Metochi of the Xeropotamos Monastery

The cultural center (stone building) Sarti


Prehistoric settlement "Koukos"

It is located west of Sykia, on Koukos Hill, is a steep rocky, tall hill and is surrounded by a castle that enclosed an important prehistoric settlement

Prehistoric Tomb in Karyitsi Sykia

It dates back to the end of the Bronze Age. This artificial groom covered 30 graves with circular enclosures, each of which contained pots of dead ashes. Unique in the area of ​​Macedonia, as it enriches our knowledge of burial habits and methods of building mounds during the Bronze Age.

Windmills of Sykia

It is preserved monuments located on the beach dating back to 1890.