Archaeological Museum of Polygyros: The exhibits are from the Bronze Age to the Roman period and come from Ancient Stagira, Ancient Olynthos, Afitos and elsewhere. More important is an unfinished "kouros" of the ancient period and a marble head of Dionysus.

Archaeological Museum of Olynthos: It has only audiovisual material about the history of the ancient city, through the excavations. The exhibits are located in the museums of Polygyros and Thessaloniki.

Anthropological Museum of Petralona : Includes information about the Neanderthal man.

Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnea: with precious and rare objects of everyday life and family heirlooms, the first radio of the village since 1941 and a fire pump about 200 years old.

The Folklore Museum of Polygyros, featuring exhibits of traditional culture, all donations from residents of the area.

Museum of Fishing Boats and Instruments, apart from old and modern fishing techniques, miniature fishing boats, various fishing gears, one can also discover the excellent sea magic projected in a specially designed room using audiovisual media. It is also worthwhile to visit the church of Panagia Koryfini in the center of Moudania, with a special architecture due to its enormous size and the miraculous image of Asia Minor.