For those who love sports, Pieria is the ultimate destination. The mountain volumes of Mount Olympus - the mountain of the twelve gods of antiquity - are offered both for winter and  summer climbing without equipment and due experience, since in the summer months the shelters are completely accessible. Hiking, combined with a tour of the monuments and sights of archaeological interest, is another excellent tour of Mount Olympus. For lovers of winter sports, the ski resort of Elatochori, 1400 meters above sea level, meets all the requirements. Excellent ski slopes (and all kinds of activity), warm hospitality in the traditional settlement of Elatohori with gastronomic delights and quick access to the site, 36 km away from Katerini and 8 km from Elatochori. Also other interesting sports are mountaineering skiing on the slopes of Olympus (from December to May), skiing on organized slopes, canyoning in the waters of Orlia, hiking, climbing and, of course, mountain climbing. The large coastal front of Pieria, including more than 100 km of sixteen organized beaches, the majority of which lies to the south, offers a variety of water sports, especially the beach Paralia of Katerini (the nearest to the homonym city), with the incredible sandy beach and the shallow blue sea. Sailing, scuba diving, cycling, as well as windsurfing are some of the sports that one can choose.