The city of water, a city at the feet of Vermio, which is leaked by four rivers, forming twelve wonderful waterfalls (the largest in the Balkans), rich in vegetation and wonderful views of the plain, but also with a great history. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and tranquility. It is worth visiting the Yeni Mosque, the only one without any alterations, built in the style of Hagia Sophia in the Constantinople.

Waterfalls of Edessa

At the end of the city, in a magnificent 100,000-sqm geopark, a rock, known as the "brow" of the city, spring up twelve wonderful waterfalls. Most notable, the great waterfall of Karanos, falling from a height of 70 meters. Inside the park, the Water Museum is also hosted creating meeting and recreation areas.

Pozar Baths

At an altitude of 390 meters and 30 km from Edessa and 100 km from Thessaloniki, five thermal springs spill along the bed of the hotplate that continues its flow to the Almopia basin. Here, it creates spa-therapy rooms, which contribute to the bachelor's psychosomatic well-being. Nearby are the Mavro Dasos, the Loutra Cave, the Loutra Gorge with its surrounding area for excursions, mountaineering and simple walks.

Loutra Canyon

It starts from the Greek border to the area of ​​Loutra, in the Nikolas stream. The path between virgin nature, with lush vegetation and rich waterfalls, is enchanting. Stone paths and wooden bridges help the visitor to reach the unique caves.

Cave Park of Loutra

Do not miss a visit to the first cave park in Greece, consisting of a cluster of 17 caves, where tools of Paleolithic and Neolithic period were found, lithographs, brown bear fossils and other interesting facts that testify to the presence of the indigenous population.

Mavro Dasos

It is located on the eastern side of Voras (Kaimaktsalan), overgrown with towering and straight pine candles, descending on the plain of Almopia. You can cross it by car, if  the weather allows it, to the summit. If you try, you better take the route from the village of Megaplatanos, as a large part of it is paved.

The Kaimaktsalan Ski Center is located at about 2000 meters- with the central shelter, parking, ski schools- and reaches 2480 meters where on the ridge with FYROM, there is the chapel of Ae-Lia, a monument of the First World War. The view from the mountain is breathtaking and when the conditions allow it, the Thermaikos gulf and the peak of Mount Olympus are visible. The area is suitable for mountaineering skiing and offers the opportunity to discover some wonderful locations and forest paths.

The traditional settlement of Palaios Agios Athanasios, 1200 meters high, near the ski resort, enchants the visitor not only with the magnificent Macedonian architecture but also the local gastronomic interest in the many traditional restaurants and hospitality centers. The distance from Edessa is only 28 km.