Diktaio Andro

The impressive cave of Zeus on the plateau of Lassithi at an altitude of 1025 meters is one of the most spectacular in Crete. With stalactites and stalagmites and the impressive stalactite "the mantle of Zeus" among them, but also shaped molds that played a role in religious worship. It also includes human dummies, Late Minoan reliefs and numerous archaeological finds. It has a rich fauna, since at the entrance of the cave are nesting wild and other varieties of birds.

Cave of Trapeza (Cronio)

It is located at an altitude of 860 meters near the periphery that connects the village of Marmaketo with Tzermiado. After 5 minutes of climbing, we are at the entrance of the cave, used as a home, place of burial and worship. Major finds of all time, including some Egyptian scarabs, have been found, proving the ancient relationship between Crete and Egypt.

Ha Canyon

Next to the village and to the Minoan ruins of Vasiliki (Ierapetra), from the toughest in  Greece, and a rare morphological phenomenon of nature created on a large active fault, a virgin habitat, due to its inaccessible presence. stones in bright colors and cracked gray rocks that shade with their presence the plain that lies in front of them, complement the wild beauty. With ponds and large amounts of water forming waterfalls. Its cascade is the largest in Greece, at the end of the marshalling parade and is an ideal paradise for canyoning.

Richti Canyon

It is located between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia with a 3 km route and 350 m inlet - exit altitude. It starts from the arched stone bridge of Lahana through the river. Surrounded by luscious, varied vegetation, which emits logical scents, it creates the beautiful 20 meters waterfall, forming a small lake. At the exit, the view of the Cretan Sea, with the pebbled beach and the salt-trees on the beach of Richti, is simply amazing!

Canyon of the Dead

Nearly 100 km southeast of Agios Nikolaos, begins the Canyon of the Dead in Zakros, part of the European path E4. It is of historical importance as Minoan tombs were found in the caves - hence the name - of great archaeological value. This fact, in combination with the beautiful natural environment and easy accessibility, classifies the gorge as the first choice of tourists.