Thessaloniki, daughter of Philip II, sister of Alexander the Great, gave her name to one of the most important cities of ancient and modern Greek area. Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful and romantic European cities, not unfairly called "Nymph of Thermaikos". A city that combines and integrates harmoniously its rich history with contemporary reality by providing its visitor with everything he  looks for. It is no coincidence that the city is a top destination for anyone who chooses to visit Greece throughout the year. From archaeological sites, museums and theaters to luxurious accommodation, night clubs restaurants and taverns, Thessaloniki has managed to defend the title of the co-star satisfying all desires. Known for the hospitality, warmth and courtesy of its inhabitants, cannot leave even the most demanding visitor unsatisfied.

Thessaloniki, in addition to a destination city, may well be a base town from where you can, in a short time,  find yourself in other destinations, depending on your preferences. Very close to Thessaloniki, there are several ski resorts that are the top winter destinations. About 200 km northwest of Thessaloniki you will find the ski center of Vora-Kaimaktsalan and Vigla (about 300 km). To the east and to a further distance (about 100 km) you will find the 3-5 Pigadia and Seli ski resorts. A little further south, there are the ski center of Vasilitsa (about 240 km), the ski center of Pieria (about 100 km) and the ski center Olympus (about 180 km). In the northwest of Thessaloniki Prefecture, a popular tourist resort is Mount Falakro. For those who prefer nature excursions, they can choose to escape to some lakeside area such as Kerkini, Koronia and Volvi or to some riverside area like the National Park in Axios Delta.